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About xRM4us CRM

The customer-oriented working model, which has become a necessity with the experience of global competition, forces companies to be more effective in this regard. In this context, ensuring customer loyalty is of great importance for companies to create profitable customer relationships and increase their revenues. According to data from different sources:

• Firms lose about half of their customers in a five-year period.

• A 5 percent increase in customer loyalty rates can result in a 25 percent to 100 percent increase in profitability.

Firms need to have effective customer relations strategies in order to gain new customers and retain the customers they have. Effective customer relations strategies created in accordance with their purpose provide companies with many advantages such as reducing their costs and ensuring customer loyalty to products and services.

CRM solutions that serve this purpose enable companies to formulate business strategies and to spread these strategies within the organization. The applicability of CRM solutions that institutionalize the business philosophy within the company; It requires easy use, customization according to needs, and integration with back-office systems. Microsoft CRM is a solution that can meet all these needs.

xRM4us CRM Features

Increasing work efficiency

As a true end-user productivity tool, xRM4biz improves business efficiency by helping the sales team and customer service representatives do their jobs more efficiently.

• Ease of Use.

• Stronger employees.

• Stronger management.

• Automation in processes.

Low total cost of ownership guarantee

Designed to offer maximum flexibility within a cost-effective budget, xRM4biz CRM is an easy-to-install, customizable, easy-to-use and scalable solution.

• Easy setup.

• Customization and maintenance according to needs.

• Scaling.

Strong integration

Its powerful integration function allows employees to access complete and accurate customer information, organizes business processes, and ensures consistency of company-wide data.

• Sales and Customer Service.

ERP systems

• B2B- B2C systems.

. Call Centers

. xRM4biz Campaign management system

• Third party applications and Web services.

Our application, designed to meet the budget and IT resource needs of companies, offers flexible, easy-to-use tools that increase productivity within its environment and work integrated with Outlook and other back office systems.

Project Plan Steps to Success

Installation, Adaptation, Development, Integration
Minor additions and adaptations resulting from the test
Transition to Live Use
Requirements for Successful Project

Strategic unity, top management support, easy-to-use solution and customizable
solution is required.

Analysis and consultancy requirement

Your company’s better use of technology will shorten your decision-making processes and enable you to reach maximum efficiency in a much shorter time. The efficiency of the software will be much higher by determining all the requirements and examining the existing organization in the company and producing solutions suitable for the company structure.

Whether purchase or rental model

COMEL xRM4us CRM Solutions

As your business grows, you will need more complex IT needs.

COMEL can help you prepare for this ultimate business growth. That way, you’ll have the software and hardware needed for your business to grow.

COMEL provides high-end colocation services while minimizing negative aspects such as travel costs and capital expenses. It provides a support team (including a Network Architect and Deployment Engineer) to handle the entire hardware lifecycle management and tools to remotely manage your environment. By leaving both routine hardware management and late night emergencies to Comel, eliminate travel expenses and free your IT staff to focus on more effective activities.

In addition to preparing you for success, COMEL can also train your employees.

This way, your employee has everything they need to move forward and help your business grow.

Whether you’re changing direction or experiencing a merger or acquisition, COMEL can help the process. This way, you don’t have to worry about delays slowing down productivity and efficiency.

With COMEL, you can build your business with the best in the industry.

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