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We understand the importance of choosing a server that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Every server application is unique and requires expert knowledge of which components will provide the best performance.
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Server Solutions

Small Business Servers

Your business is based on the applications that your employees use every day, databases that store everything from customer contact information to payroll, sites that market and sell your products and services, and e-commerce stores, and more. You need an always available, completely reliable server solution made from the highest quality components. Our hosted servers for small businesses provide reliability, performance and flexibility to meet all hosting requirements of your business.

Game Servers

As a game server provider, it can be difficult to find a technology partner that can deliver buttery performance that only the best hardware and network can provide. If you want to host the most popular games for your customers with excellent performance and reliability, you are in the right place.

Every game hosting solution is built with the best of modern hardware, optimized networks with guaranteed uptime, and 24-hour expert support.

Storage Servers

To ensure your data is always available, you need a storage partner that can scale with you as your data needs grow while maintaining maximum uptime. ServerMania Dedicated Storage Servers are designed to meet the data challenges that your businesses may face.

Optimized for storage, highly configurable and fully private, each Dedicated Server is an enterprise-grade bare metal server located in data centers packaged with your choice of storage media and designed to exceed security and data privacy regulations.

The VPN Servers

Global awareness of the risk posed by cybercrime has rapidly increased in recent years. The average consumer is more aware than ever of the dangers of data leaks and identity theft.

Consumers are embracing Virtual Private Networks more than ever while trying to protect their data and privacy. The VPN industry has grown to meet this demand and will be worth an estimated $ 20 billion by 2020.To help VPN providers meet the needs of their users for secure, low-latency connectivity anywhere in the world, we have created Private VPN Servers for you.

E-Commerce Servers

As customer data breaches become more common in e-commerce, it is increasingly difficult to focus on increasing conversion rates without worrying about data residency and security.

Happy customers buy more products and spend more money. It pays to delight them with a superior e-commerce experience – that means responsive product pages, trolleys, and borrowing loaded with minimal delay. Comel offers a powerful custom e-commerce server solution that scales as your business grows. Our servers deliver great shopping experiences with seamless PCI compliant security and route optimized network connections for low latency performance on peak shopping days.

Application Servers

The average business uses over 100 web applications to support its operations, market to customers, manage data, organize projects, collaborate and communicate, and more. Web applications are a vital component of your business infrastructure, which makes your application choice one of the most important business decisions you will ever make.

Comel’s global hosting platform is the ideal foundation for the applications that matter most to your business. Choose the dedicated hosting service that fits your app’s needs, whether it’s an open source web app such as WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop or Magento; backend for mobile application or Progressive Web Application (PWA); or an internal web application to which your business is connected.

Deploy your application to bare metal application servers with our Dedicated Servers series, choose a virtual Hybrid distribution for lightweight application hosting, or install Docker, Kubernetes or container and VM management solutions of your choice to build a flexible modern application development, test and hosting environment.

Database Servers

Databases not only need to run flawlessly, they also need to be safe from data attacks and comply with data residency requirements.

Behind every web application, e-commerce store, analysis platform and document management system, there is a database. Basic business processes from payroll and customer relationship management to human resources and communication depend on databases. Comel Dedicated Database Servers are designed to be the ultimate database hosting solution for businesses from SMEs to the largest organizations. They provide fast and secure data storage and access for databases of all sizes.

Media Streaming Servers

With an estimated market value of $ 1248 billion by 2025, no other technology in recent years has seen the world’s largest businesses adopt so quickly. However, finding a media streaming solution host capable of meeting the growing customer demand for high-bandwidth 4K video and delivering content to users around the world without compromising streaming performance can be difficult.

Whether you want to stream audio and video from around the corner or around the world, to deliver the best customer experience, you need a server solution that scales as your business grows, reaches a global audience with low latency and is tailored to your specifications. Comel has the tools, experience and global network to empower you to achieve all these goals and other challenges you face today.

PCI Compliant Servers

Failure to comply will result in heavy fines or even denial of credit card transactions. Every business, no matter how small, must comply with all 12 PCI requirements. Comel’s PCI compliant hosting solutions enable businesses to create PCI compliant services and applications. Our data centers and networks are designed for compatibility. It is the trusted foundation on which thousands of businesses build PCI-compliant e-commerce stores and applications.

Let's Solve All Server Needs of Your Company From A Single Center