System Analysis, Design and Project Planning Services

System analysis is a method of applying a holistic perspective to solving complex problems. The Comel team goes to the root of the problem by doing deep system analysis: by considering all aspects of the system, looking at a larger system, breaking down components and knowing everything to determine the best way to function and process. By understanding the “as is” state, our engineers can address existing hurdles and design a system that scalable to future needs.

Let's Analyze Your System and Ensure Your Performance and Safe Operation

System Analysis, Design, Projecting

Software Measurement

Software Measurement is the process of measuring software size by measuring user functionality from logical design and is a consistent measure across projects and organizations. Comel provides the best forecasts supporting cost and resource estimation, quality and efficiency analysis and vendor benchmarking.

Comel offers requirements, use cases, user stories or design, project planning, detailed, point-of-function estimates.

Agile Software Development

Many companies manage software distribution using the Agile development method. To be successful, organizations will need to change their communication, contracting and management processes. Whether you’re building an enterprise-scaled Agile framework or implementing Scrum for a large project, Comel offers a successful solution.

In addition, Comel can provide an independent cost estimate for your Agile projects, analyze Agile teams for quality and efficiency, and determine the metrics needed to make sure the project is planned.

Cost Estimation

Comel offers comprehensive, defensible cost estimates that define the resources and funds required to support technology development, commissioning and maintenance at a specific risk threshold. Our team uses the latest industry data, best practices and tools to develop robust cost estimates. Our team provides budget estimates to capture the total cost of ownership and helps managers set realistic budgets for their programs, ensures fair and reasonable prices from vendors and service providers to provide an independent view of a program’s cost and plan. Also, a Comel cost estimate gives you peace of mind.

Job Status Analysis

Comel defines the preferred solution to achieve IT mission objectives and provides a clear and unbiased methodology for investment decisions based on performance, cost, timing and risk. Clients come by better understanding their needs from multiple stakeholder perspectives and as a result they are better equipped to make important decisions that drive the course of their projects. The business case analysis is also an excellent tool to clearly state the benefit of investing in the project to stakeholders and other interested parties.

Comel also produces analyzes that evaluate competitor alternatives based on cost, benefit, risk, timing and other metrics.

Portfolio Analysis

Comel conducts a comprehensive review of the products and services that make up your organization’s business portfolio. As part of the budgeting process, we can assist with exchange analysis to identify the most efficient uses of capital, develop your strategic IT roadmap, and identify projects that require technology infusion.

Comel can help both CIOs and business executives handle complex portfolio-level decisions with the latest technologies and data visualization techniques.

Analysis of Requirements

Requirements are the backbone of a project and Comel has business analysts who have successfully documented functional and non-functional requirements in various projects. Comel business analysts go directly to the source, communicate with system users to identify specific feature expectations, and ensure that requirements are task-based, measurable, traceable, testable, fully documented, and defined to an appropriate level for system design.

IT System and Infrastructure Design

Design is the basic stage of building any IT infrastructure or IT system. Companies planning the implementation of complex infrastructure IT solutions and software systems should pay particular attention to this stage and contractor selection.

Comel offers all services in this field.

Our services include:

  • collection and analysis of the customer’s technical requirements;
  • development of technical specification;
  • development of technical design and working documents;
  • development of business documentation. 

We provide design for all offered solutions:

  • Communication and Teamwork
  • High Performance Computing Systems
  • Information security
  • Efficient data processing and storage solutions
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Infrastructure and Application Software
  • Our company has developed extensive experience and unique methodology of project work for commercial and government organizations in all fields and scales.

Design in Open Technologies:

  • Provided by highly professional and knowledgeable engineers;
  • a work quality control scheme that works well at all stages by a specially
  • appointed project manager and chief engineer (architect);
  • working with well-known project management methods and using in-house know-how;
  • Carrying out project work according to international industry quality certificates;
  • Involvement of top design organizations (to develop specific project sections if needed).
  • As a result, we guarantee the result regarding the deadline, the quality and cost of the project work, as well as the brought project solutions.

We offer the implementation of Open Technologies specific design work (gathering requirements, developing technical specifications, etc.) in separate design and subsequent stages.

Let's Analyze Your System and Ensure Your Performance and Safe Operation​