Sharepoint Consulting

To help our customers, we must first understand them. Therefore, we look at the overall context, capacity and potential, or your e-commerce operation, and then use our experience to map the road to successful growth for even the most aggressive e-commerce operation.

Streamline Your Workflow with Sharepoint

Sharepoint Consulting

For over 13 years, COMEL has provided SharePoint consulting services to help companies leverage SharePoint to create a strong collaboration environment, increase employee productivity, reduce operational expenses and increase return on investment.

Sharepoint Services


New and attractive user interface design.
A business intranet and / or a social intranet.
Digital workspace.
Collaboration made easy.

HR Portal

Recruiting and recruiting.
Employee evaluation and development.
Employee self service.
Badges, leaderboards etc. Gamification capabilities with

Document Management

Document templates.
Search documents with the most relevant results.
Approval and other workflows.
Document management policy automation.
Contract Management

A business case with an impact on expected TCO, ROI, and development cost and speed.
Contract templates.
Approval and other workflows.
Debt management

Workflow Automation

HR workflows.
Procurement and SCM workflows.
Financial workflows.
Case management workflows.
Industry-specific workflows (manufacturing, healthcare, banking, etc.).

Knowledge Management

Information mapping.

Uncovering knowledge.

Export and evaluation of information.

Information distribution.

Knowledge maintenance.

Employee Training and Development

To learn content management.
Learning process management.

Employee evaluation.
Learning on the go
Policy Management

Policy formulation and approval.
Policy communication (publication, training and approval).
Policy maintenance.

COMEL E-commerce Consultancy

As your business grows, you will need more complex IT needs.

COMEL can help you prepare for this ultimate business growth. That way, you’ll have the software and hardware needed for your business to grow.

COMEL provides high-end colocation services while minimizing negative aspects such as travel costs and capital expenses. It provides a support team (including a Network Architect and Deployment Engineer) to handle the entire hardware lifecycle management and tools to remotely manage your environment. By leaving both routine hardware management and late night emergencies to Comel, eliminate travel expenses and free your IT staff to focus on more effective activities.

In addition to preparing you for success, COMEL can also train your employees.

This way, your employee has everything they need to move forward and help your business grow.

Whether you’re changing direction or experiencing a merger or acquisition, COMEL can help the process. This way, you don’t have to worry about delays slowing down productivity and efficiency.

With COMEL, you can build your business with the best in the industry.

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