Backup and Business Continuity Protect You From Disasters

Disaster means that most or all of your systems come to a complete halt at the same time. Fortunately, the cloud and internet systems come together to make it easier than ever to get you out of their disasters.

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Backup and Business Continuity

Azure for Business Sustainability

It provides the best possible system in the industry to guarantee the continuity of your business process. By using Microsoft Azure as a disaster recovery site, you achieve significant cost savings.

Azure enables continuous background replication of all production applications and data and maintains every small change in real time to ensure that your RPO is measured in Microsoft Azure or between Microsoft Azure regions in a matter of seconds. By using Microsoft Azure as a disaster recovery system with the advantage of using compute resources only in case of failover, you save significant costs. Strengthen your computing infrastructure with platform-independent replication, recovery and application mobility.

Application Downtime and Data Loss Can Be Expensive

Your Most Valuable Asset: Data

Data is the most important digital asset of most organizations. Estimated to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025, data growth, management, and protection are memorable to most businesses.

Disaster Risks is Increasing

No organization is immune to blackouts, severe weather, or security breaches. However, most of them do not have business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that keep up with their business.

Service Level Expectations are High

73% of organizations cannot tolerate more than one hour of downtime for their critical applications. Improving recovery point targets (RPOs) and recovery time targets (RTOs) is a priority.

Meet the Confidence With Disaster Recovery System

Enjoy a high level of availability and flexibility with custom data protection and disaster recovery solution to meet your RPO and RTO goals. Restore transactions 67% faster and provide uninterrupted transactions.

Protect Critical Business Applications

Reduce unplanned downtime events by up to 85% and keep apps online during scheduled events or unplanned downtime. Make your backup and recovery solution a strategic advantage. You can provide fast, secure data protection by using backup units.

Central Control

Intuitively manage all data protection and disaster recovery processes without sacrificing reliability. A single user interface provides unified control of both on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Internal Data Protection

Most businesses have multiple application layers, each of which needs its own data protection infrastructure, resulting in a complex, silent and inefficient data protection stack. Eliminate these silos with flexible, locally available backup and recovery options. Storage units allow you to securely store large and different time backups.

Options Suitable for Your Needs

There is no one size fits all business continuity and disaster recovery solution. Choose the right features for each use case in private and public clouds. Integrate with third-party data protection solutions for application consistency and detailed data recovery.

Ask our solutions to protect business continuity and the value of your data