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Don’t just analyze it. Solve. Uncover the true value of advanced analytics. Quickly mix data with visualizations. Build a reliable basis for decisions. Connect and integrate your data faster than you thought possible.

Correct Analysis Means Right Actions and Immediate Profit


We are a leader in the self-service data analytics movement with a platform that can discover, prepare and analyze all your data, then deploy and share analytics at scale for in-depth insights faster than you thought possible.

ALTERYX Solutions

Advanced Analytics

Leaders accurately predict results and apply prescriptive analytics to optimize the way they take action. Success requires scalable use of Big Data sources using in-database analytics. It means effectively integrating predictive analytics and data mining into the full analytics lifecycle – sourcing, collating, visualizing. From data analysts to data scientists, it requires empowering data workers with a code-free and code-friendly environment so that anyone, regardless of skill set, can effortlessly enrich business functions with advanced analytics.

BI + Visualization

Your business intelligence and data visualization needs vary across your organization. So whether you are preparing and enriching data to run Alteryx, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, or other analyst tools, or powering the entire analytics lifecycle from predictive modeling to reporting and sharing inside and outside of applications, Alteryx adapts to your user needs. Organization with Alteryx Server, Alteryx Connect and Alteryx Analytics Gallery. No matter how users interact, everyone gains powerful data management, shared metadata and assets, a reliable data base, and analytical agility.

Data Discovery + Management

Data and decision-making speed is accelerating. In a managed environment, it has never been more important to establish a foundation of accuracy and relevance to support better and faster decisions. It has never been more important to adopt data and master data management, improve data quality, easily find the most appropriate information assets and make decisions based on a common understanding of how the business works.

Location information

Analyzing customers or optimizing resources at locations requires demographic and spatial analytics – this means not only blending data for geographic visualization, but also enriching it. But combining internal, geographic, and third-party data often means spreadsheets, manual coding or even a GIS expert. Alteryx makes it easy to consolidate geographic information and connects to industry data sources to improve hosting and demographic analysis. Better still, no code required.

Data Preparation

Analytics projects typically require six or more data sources, and nearly half also include external data. Intelligent, agile and reliable data preparation overcomes barriers to success. Alteryx enables analysts to work with data quickly – visually sourcing, blending and enriching to support enterprise analytics.

Technology Integrations

Your data is everywhere, in hundreds of silos and systems. The best analytics combine and combine it quickly. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Alteryx integrates locally with marketing, sales, finance, service, operational applications, databases and Big Data. Without code, without hassle. It is the power of a unique partner ecosystem and local integrations.


As your business grows, you will need more complex IT needs.

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Correct Analysis Means Right Actions and Immediate Profit